Super Smash Flash 2 V0.9

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Super-Smash-Flash-2-v9.0Super Smash Flash 2 or SSF2 is the fanmade flash game based on the legendary Super Smash Bros game. Even though you have never played this game before, I am sure you will fall in love with it as soon as it loads in your browser. By the way, the game is rather big and takes some time until it fully load. Please be patient and wait for the greatest fighting game to open. I have to mention here, that the game is currently in demo testing version but it features a lot of features and options that you will enjoy. The latest version of the game is currently super smash flash 2 v0.9  which you can play below. The game offers you up to 20 different characters well-known for you from other games or movies. Some of them are locked at the beginning of the game and have to be unlocked during the game.

Super smash flash 2 v0.9 is available for all basic OS, including Linux,Mac and Windows. You can even download the game and never wait for the game to load in your browser. Playing Super Smash Flash 2 is rather simple but requires some skills. First of all keep in mind that all characters have different attack and defense skills. They all have also a unique super attack, which is called Final Smash. As the super smash flash 2 has a multiplayer feature, so check out the controls for both players below.

Controls for Player 1: [W][A][S][D]- to move your character [U]- Grab  [I]- Shield  [O]- Attack 1  [P]- Attack  [1]- Taunt Controls for Player 2 [W][A][S][D]- move your character [5]- Grab  [1]- Shield  [2]- Attack 1   [3]- Attack 2   [4]- Taunt   [0]- Pause Hope that you will enjoy the super smash flash 2 v0.9 at our website. You can also visit the website of developer to get some news about the game or read wiki. The official website of super smash flash 2 is

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